The M.A.S have been here for a while existing as home gatherings here and there in my living room but the site is new. We’ve been around for over a year and so this is the virtual us but we definitely look forward to meeting you in person.

Thanks for being here.

So hmmm I first want to say that our first order of non-business is to connect on a heart level. Kindly send us an email to be apart of our exclusive member collective and we will send you a link mother artist to answer a few questions so we can get to know each other better. Upon receiving your answers, we will reach out and let you know about our next upcoming gathering and add you to our Whatsapp group.

It’s important to me that we hear from the mother whose lifes work and artistry is intrinsically informed by her motherhood… undeniably. It’s important that we hear these stories.
For me it’s such a profound wonder and miraculous act to bring life into the world! Who does that? We do! But we don’t stop there, we nurture, help to raise and be of self less service to the young human until they no longer need your hand holding. And if you did all you could do and you did what your best was as a parent, the young human will grow up to carry with them all that being nurtured and living lessons has taught them to be – a wonderful spiritual being living a human experience.

But still we don’t stop there, because while we raise and nurture the young human, we as mother’s have our own dreams, our crafts, our work that we want to continue with or manifest in our lives.

So here is where the MAS collecive comes in! I believe you can still materialize your dreams, live the life you want and wish for while still raising your young one. you are not alone and MAS exists to remind you of that. And with that, MAS is here to support and nurture you. Here you will find other mothers who are artists active in their craft or want to be. Here you will find workshops, opportunities, events etc for you that you can attend with or without your children.
Here you will find resources.
Here you will find other voices.

I feel the mother artists world is so underground, we never hear about the project or album or exhibit a mother is working on while breastfeeding or picking up their child from daycare, making the next dollar and figuring out how to do it all while creating art. How does this mother world really inform the art this mother creates? Do we see signs of her mothering in her art? How? Whos supporting this mother as she does her art? Does she need more support? Where does she go for this?
Mother artists specifically mother artists of colour who are underserved, under represented, marginalized we are here for you…mother’s whose art has taken a step back or two because they are unsure how to do it all, we are here for you. We don’t have all the answers but answers can be found, let’s start asking the questions, that’s why we are stronger together.

-Janisa Weekes

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